Over 1,400 packages and counting
Free and Open Package Manager for Windows.
AppGet is a Github moderated, open source package manager which focuses on security, automation and ease-of-use.
All moderation is done in GitHub. Anyone can submit a pull request which is then checked and approved by our team.
No more trawling Google for download links—just use AppGet and the application will be installed in seconds.
Install, update and remove any application available in our library even if the application wasn’t originally installed with AppGet.
Open Source
Our client code and application library are completely open source and available on GitHub.
AppGet bots work around the clock to ensure our application library is kept up-to-date with the latest versions.
Installing something complex and want to pick what gets installed? Choose from 3 different installation modes: silent, passive and interactive.


AppGet takes security very seriously to give you peace of mind when installing and updating applications:

Applications in AppGet's library are always downloaded directly from the author. No more looking around the web looking for the download link.
AppGet can show you all of the available updates for your applications. Helping you stay up to date and secure.
AppGet uses metadata-only manifest files. This makes reviewing manifest much simpler and generally much more secure.


Over 1,400 packages, every single one verified, constantly monitored, and automatically updated.

AppGet’s applications are validated hourly to make sure all information is accurate. This includes checking for newer versions, scanning for viruses, and making sure download links are still valid.

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